Fritz’s choice for new AD is known at Tulane

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Willie Fritz
(Photo: Stephen Lew).

Can you imagine the University of Georgia hiring a director of athletics after head football coach Kirby Smart said publicly he wanted someone else?

Can you imagine that happening at the University of Alabama, after Nick Saban endorsed someone else?

Well, who knows if it happens at Tulane University? But it might.

At his regularly scheduled press conference Tuesday, Green Wave football coach Willie Fritz was asked about his thoughts on the search.

“My opinion is pretty well known,” said Fritz. “He is a dude who is around here all the time.”

That was an obvious reference to Kortne Gosha, Tulane’s deputy director of athletics, who is a candidate for promotion but still has not been.

What Fritz has done at Tulane is pretty remarkable. After coaching 100 games at the school, he will have a winning record. That once seemed like the equivalent of doing the near impossible. Fritz has won 21 of his last 24 games, heading into Saturday’s game at Florida Atlantic.

There could be a side story to that game. Does Tulane, while in Boca Raton Saturday, interview FAU’s AD Brian White? The son of former Tulane director of athletics Kevin White might be a serious candidate.

However, if Gosha doesn’t get the job, imagine that first press conference when everyone in the universe knows the football coach wanted someone else?

There are some very qualified folks who want the job, including former Tulane athlete Scott Sidwell, who has reams of experience and loves the school. He would also be a great choice. But you know what? The most important man in Tulane Athletics, the football coach, says he wants someone else.

Fritz also said the following Tuesday:

“I think we are poised. Everybody has seen what this does for the University. We want to be just like this season,” said Fritz. “We just want to get better and better. If the football program gets better, the University gets better and better.”

Which is true, probably to the chagrin of a host of academics at the school who cringe at the thought of Tulane University being ultra successful in football. Yet, here we are. The football coach who will have other suitors is making his voice heard, very publicly.

I have heard over the last few weeks that the media is promoting Mr. Gosha, a silly notion. The media knew for weeks what Willie Fritz wanted to see happen but were waiting for Fritz to go public.

Now he has.

For years, Tulane University has promoted to the world that hiring their graduates is a smart thing. Gosha isn’t a Tulane grad, but he is in-house and has earned the respect of the coaches in the building, who are totally in his corner.

So, Tulane could hire local, right in the building. Let’s see if they do the obvious, and that is keep Willie Fritz happy and in New Orleans.

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Ed Daniels

WGNO Sports Director/106.1 FM

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