Partnership with INFLCR helps XULA Athletics accelerate NIL efforts

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INFLCR helps XULA Athletics accelerate NIL efforts

NEW ORLEANS — Xavier University of Louisiana Athletics is in its second academic year of a partnership with INFLCR that helps student-athletes, coaches and staff obtain the tools and knowledge to navigate the world of name, image and likeness (NIL) while complying with NAIA legislation.

The INFLCR app helps clients store, distribute and track their digital assets — photos, videos, story links, GIFs and more — through a cloud-based account as they flow through the mobile devices of student-athletes, coaches and staff onto their personal social media channels. INFLCR then allows those individuals to measure the additional brand reach they experience through the collective audience of those brand ambassadors.

XULA in November 2021 became the first NAIA institution to partner with INFLCR.

Endorsement deals involving financial compensation — the No. 1 activity since NIL legislation was approved — are available to XULA student-athletes, coaches and staff through the INFLCR app.

“Xavier Athletics is grateful for the partnership with INFLCR,” said Nathan Cochran, XULA’s executive director of athletics and recreation. “INFLCR’s tools assist in education, branding and support for our student-athletes as they navigate this new world of name, image and likeness.”

Cochran must be contacted before any NIL agreements are made, with or without the app.

INFLCR — pronounced influencer — is based in Birmingham, Ala.

XULA Name, Image and Likeness Policy (NIL)

The NCAA has followed the NAIA’s lead and recently passed a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) policy. We are excited to learn that some of you have been presented NIL opportunities.

Important items for you to know regarding the NAIA legislation:
The following acts will NOT cause an athlete to lose amateur standing:
• Participating in radio or television programs for the purpose of promoting an amateur athletic event.
• Receiving reasonable compensation for supervision of physical education, playground or recreational activities.
• Receiving compensation for use of name, image or likeness to promote any commercial product or enterprise, or public or media appearance. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to notify his or her institution’s athletics director in writing of any compensation (including free goods or services) the student receives from the use of their name, image or likeness in relation to their school or status as a student-athlete. Visit this link to view case study examples.
• Individual institutions are given the right to enact stricter policies on products/companies that may be promoted by student-athletes.

Important items regarding XULA’s policies:
• Please notify the Athletic Director prior to entering into any NIL agreements. Failure to do so shall result in institutional self-report violation, to be reviewed by the National Coordinating committee. The committee is empowered to review such violation and apply penalties as necessary, including but not limited to a warning or reprimand to the student-athlete, withholding the student from future competitions, and/or determining the student has lost his or her amateur status.
• Any post or promotion for outside entities using Xavier University of Louisiana marks or logos must be preapproved by the athletic director.
• You must receive the rights to any photo prior to using it in any social media post (must be preapproved by the athletic director)
• Student-athletes cannot engage in NIL activities during the course of team activities, which include competitions, practices, team gatherings and meetings. Student-athletes also must not allow NIL activities to interfere with their academic obligations.
• Student-athlete must not use their NIL to promote gambling, alcohol products, tobacco products, adult entertainment, substances banned by the NAIA, or products or services that are illegal.
• Student-athletes may not use Xavier University facilities in such a manner that creates the impression — either expressed or implied — that Xavier University expressly or indirectly endorses a third party or product, unless prior written approval is received from the athletic director and university counsel.
• Please review our social media policy and student-athlete code of conduct found in the student-athlete handbook as they are applicable to NIL activities.

Before you agree to any NIL agreements, we encourage you all to consider the following:
• Have someone review any contract before you sign.
• Student-athletes should be aware that receiving compensation for NIL activities could have an impact on their financial aid, especially for those receiving Pell grants. Student-athletes are encouraged to consult with the financial aid office to fully understand these potential impacts.
• Similar to social media posts, be mindful of the companies you promote and how it may affect your personal brand. You may be asked by future employers about any deal, post, promotion, and partnership that you enter into.
• When presented with a partnership, seek guidance from your coaches, friends, family, professors, etc. who can help determine if it is the right deal for you.
• NIL trends are likely to evolve.

First posted at on Sept. 27, 2021

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