Drew Brees, human being

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Since he arrived in New Orleans in 2006, Drew Brees has walked on water in the eyes of Saints fans. Now we realize that he just a man, no more and no less a man than he has ever been, but just a man. And I actually like him better for it.

The future Hall of Famer made a video suggesting that kids bring the Bible to school and and share their faith with other kids. The issue is that the organization he made it for supports conversion therapy for homosexual children. I like his message but I don’t like the organization.

Since arriving when this city needed leaders and hope, Drew Brees has given us that and more. There are revolutionary playgrounds in the city that exist only because Drew Brees and his family made them happen. He has helped schools, hospitals, and so many more charities and people than we will ever know. So many of his acts of Christian charity are done with no fanfare. Literally, he has signed thousands of jerseys and helmets to be auctioned off or raffled away. I know. I’ve asked for dozens and the answer has always been yes.

So he made a video that said that Christian kids should bring a bible to school. I think it’s a magnificent idea. Because he says to, a lot of kids will and that sure beats kids bringing a gun to school doesn’t it?

In the very troubled times, isn’t it a wonderfully powerful, yet simple message?

Drew Brees has been the personification of a man who not just brings a Bible to work, but is a walking talking example of what the good book preaches. Perhaps, the media outlet wasn’t the best choice, but ESPN and local stations generally try to steer clear of religion. He got his message out and, now, the media circus about it have given that message wider exposure. I would not be shocked if Drew, who reads defenses better than anyone, did it this way to ensure wider exposure.

As I said, I don’t agree with or like the organization. I don’t know or care if Drew does. First of all, he’s a pro athlete. Their opinions really shouldn’t hold as much weight as our society gives them. Being good in sports doesn’t give anyone divine insight. They are just as mortal as the rest of us.

Most athletes at Drew’s level say very little about religion and faith because it could cost them millions of dollars, yet here is our Drew once again being a bigger and better than the rest.

He is no hypocrite. He says it and he lives it. I don’t have to agree with the man, the message or the method of communication, but I certainly respect a man willing to risk a lot to send out a positive message to young people at a time when they are bombarded with bad news and messages.

Step back. Think. If you do, you’ll realize once again that our Drew is our MVP.

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