Wrestling: St. Paul’s downs Catholic on busy night on the mats

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While Brother Martin was fighting off a stiff challenge from Holy Cross, there were other impressive wins scored Wednesday night on the mat.

At Baton Rouge, St. Paul’s whipped Catholic High 49-21.

The Wolves won 7 of the 11 matches contested.

Scoring pins for St. Paul’s were Michael Rader (113), Peyton Ward (138) and Cole Ulfers (182). Winning by fall for the Bears were Peter Kelly (132), AJ Sabine (152) and Ian Wyble (160).

Chalmette downed Pearl River 66-6. The Owls won six of the seven matches contested.

Scoring pins for Chalmette were Zachary Desselles (120), Trey Silva (132), Mohammed Abdelhag (145), Andrew Nixon (170) and Jaden Ben (285). For the Rebels, Jakob McKee (160) won by fall.

Shaw was a winner over Grace King 60-12. The Eagles got pins from Glenn Price (113), Raheem Bonnet (126), Justin Gaubert (138), Hunter Seal (152), Jude Monaco (195) and Beau Ruttley (285).

De La Salle defeated Grace King 57-17.

Winning by pin for the Cavaliers were Severo Bernal (126), Gareth Martinez (138), Michael Elliott (152), Jude Milford (182) and Timothy Donelon (285).

Shaw also defeated De La Salle in the tri-meet 68-12.

Scoring pins for the Eagles were Raheem Bonnet (120), Christian Bourgeois (126), Ashton Surrency (132), Hunter Seal (145), Michael Seal (152), Armando Amaya (160) and Beau Ruttley (285).

Jesuit won convincingly, 61-9 at Archbishop Rummel.

Scoring pins for the Blue Jays were Sam Dreuil (106), Henry Ehrhardt (113), Charlie Cyrus (152), Christopher Ciaccio (160), William Murret (170), Dennis Dougherty (182), Jacob Kieff (220) and Perry Ganci (285).

Also, St. Amant handled Destrehan 78-6.

106Jacob Houser (St. Pauls) over Adam Callicott (Catholic Br) (Dec 13-6)03
113Michael Rader (St. Pauls) over Ethan Ourso (Catholic Br) (Fall 0:27)06
120Connor Oviedo (St. Pauls) over Hunter Goodson (Catholic Br) (Dec 10-8)03
126Luke Romano (Catholic Br) over Brandon Stein (St. Pauls) (Dec 4-2)30
132Peter Kelly (Catholic Br) over Nicholas Raspino (St. Pauls) (Fall 3:51)60
138Peyton Ward (St. Pauls) over Parker Zito (Catholic Br) (Fall 3:04)06
145Ben Davidson (St. Pauls) over Toby Richard (Catholic Br) (Dec 11-7)03
152AJ Sabine (Catholic Br) over Grant Vicknair (St. Pauls) (Fall 1:56)60
160Ian Wyble (Catholic Br) over Kristian McHugh (St. Pauls) (Fall 5:04)60
170Evan Ulfers (St. Pauls) over Andrew Evans (Catholic Br) (MD 18-6)04
182Cole Ulfers (St. Pauls) over George Dial (Catholic Br) (Fall 1:18)06
195Joshua Sabadie (St. Pauls) over Unknown (For.)06
220Sam Avenel (St. Pauls) over Unknown (For.)06
285Ryan Blanchard (St. Pauls) over Unknown (For.)06
Team Score:2149


106Anthony Perez (Chalmette) over Unknown (For.)60
113Collin Battistella (Chalmette) over Unknown (For.)60
120Zachary Desselles (Chalmette) over Jasten Ortiz (Pearl River) (Fall 1:34)60
126Double Forfeit00
132Trey Silva (Chalmette) over Dax Boteler (Pearl River) (Fall 3:28)60
138Landen Mandola (Chalmette) over Brolan Pace (Pearl River) (Fall 1:20)60
145Mohammed Abdelhaq (Chalmette) over Jared Meyers (Pearl River) (Fall 2:59)60
152Double Forfeit00
160Jakob McKee (Pearl River) over Trevor Lane (Chalmette) (Fall 0:54)06
170Andrew Nixon (Chalmette) over Riley Halbrook (Pearl River) (Fall 0:36)60
182Christian Moore (Chalmette) over Unknown (For.)60
195DaiJon Bibbs (Chalmette) over Unknown (For.)60
220Jalen Ben (Chalmette) over Unknown (For.)60
285Jaden Ben (Chalmette) over Mason Erickson (Pearl River) (Fall 0:36)60
Team Score:666


113Ty Didier (St. Amant) over Kurt Sharon (Destrehan) (Fall 0:51)60
120Jaden Thomas (Destrehan) over Jace Chenevert (St. Amant) (Fall 1:09)06
126Corey Brownell (St. Amant) over Kylie McDonner (Destrehan) (Fall 0:30)60
132Jacob Cardwell (St. Amant) over Hunter Badeaux (Destrehan) (Fall 2:27)60
138Lucien Naquin (St. Amant) over Austin Moran (Destrehan) (Fall 4:26)60
145Seth Signorelli (St. Amant) over Kayla Kennon (Destrehan) (Fall 0:30)60
152Jaden Snyder (St. Amant) over Zander Neathamer (Destrehan) (Fall 1:09)60
160Alex Simoneaux (St. Amant) over Luke Berg (Destrehan) (Fall 3:11)60
170Conrad Mitchell (St. Amant) over Brady Rhinehart (Destrehan) (Fall 1:06)60
182Hunter Hawkins (St. Amant) over Damien Wheat (Destrehan) (Fall 0:21)60
195Alex Newman (St. Amant) over Unknown (For.)60
220Nicholas Fusilier (St. Amant) over Unknown (For.)60
285Kole Baker (St. Amant) over Unknown (For.)60
106Carlos Garcia (St. Amant) over Colton Owens (Destrehan) (Fall 3:55)60
Team Score:786


106Hayden Tassin (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)06
113Glenn Price (Archbishop Shaw) over Enrique Rodriguez (Grace King) (Fall 1:47)06
120Double Forfeit00
126Raheem Bonnet (Archbishop Shaw) over Severo Bernal (Grace King) (Fall 0:45)06
132Christian S. Ledet (Grace King) over Cristian Bourgeois (Archbishop Shaw) (Fall 2:42)60
138Justin Gaubert (Archbishop Shaw) over Calvin Singer (Grace King) (Fall 1:54)06
145Todd Ritter (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)06
152Hunter Seal (Archbishop Shaw) over Gireesh Baggupati (Grace King) (Fall 1:46)06
160Armando Amaya (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)06
170Double Forfeit00
182Michael Foster (Grace King) over Unknown (For.)60
195Jude Monaco (Archbishop Shaw) over Mannam Rana (Grace King) (Fall 0:48)06
220Jason Sholar (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)06
285Beau Ruttley (Archbishop Shaw) over Kaden Kaylen (Grace King) (Fall 0:20)06
Team Score:1260


113Jason Schexnaildre (DeLaSalle) over Enrique Rodriguez (Grace King) (Dec 12-9)03
120Zachary Lauland (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
126Severo Bernal (Grace King) over Hayes Alford (DeLaSalle) (Fall 1:25)60
132Christian S. Ledet (Grace King) over Collin Veron (DeLaSalle) (TF 17-2 5:30)50
138Gareth Martinez (DeLaSalle) over Calvin Singer (Grace King) (Fall 0:13)06
145Giovanni Cusimano (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
152Michael Elliott (DeLaSalle) over Gireesh Baggupati (Grace King) (Fall 0:32)06
160Jaden Bak (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
170Fisher Rojas (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
182Jude Milford (DeLaSalle) over Michael Foster (Grace King) (Fall 0:52)06
195Mannam Rana (Grace King) over Unknown (For.)60
220Double Forfeit00
285Timothy Donelon (DeLaSalle) over Kaden Kaylen (Grace King) (Fall 3:30)06
106Garrett Nordman (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
Team Score:1757


106Glenn Price (Archbishop Shaw) over Garrett Nordman (DeLaSalle) (TF 18-3 0:00)50
113Hayden Tassin (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)60
120Raheem Bonnet (Archbishop Shaw) over Zachary Lauland (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
126Cristian Bourgeois (Archbishop Shaw) over Hayes Alford (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
132Ashton Surrency (Archbishop Shaw) over Collin Veron (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
138Justin Gaubert (Archbishop Shaw) over Gareth Martinez (DeLaSalle) (Dec 12-6)30
145Hunter Seal (Archbishop Shaw) over Giovanni Cusimano (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
152Michael Seal (Archbishop Shaw) over Michael Elliott (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
160Armando Amaya (Archbishop Shaw) over Jaden Bak (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
170Fisher Rojas (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
182Jude Milford (DeLaSalle) over Unknown (For.)06
195Jude Monaco (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)60
220Jason Sholar (Archbishop Shaw) over Unknown (For.)60
285Beau Ruttley (Archbishop Shaw) over Timothy Donelon (DeLaSalle) (Fall 0:00)60
Team Score:6812


170William Murret (Jesuit) over Willie Smith (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
182Dennis Dougherty (Jesuit) over Ian Landry (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
195Darren Ferrier (Jesuit) over Donovan Kaufman (Archbishop Rummel) (MD 20-6)04
220Jacob Kieff (Jesuit) over Kolbe Fields (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
285Perry Ganci (Jesuit) over Ronald Laborde (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
106Sam Dreuil (Jesuit) over Jacob Baltz (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
113Henry Ehrhardt (Jesuit) over Carter Burgess (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
120Isaac Suarez (Archbishop Rummel) over Tony Serio (Jesuit) (Dec 10-8)30
126Luke Ryan (Jesuit) over Hunter Gueydon (Archbishop Rummel) (Dec 12-10)03
132Logan Bock (Archbishop Rummel) over Jackson Ballay (Jesuit) (Fall 0:00)60
138Luke Eccles (Jesuit) over Chris Montalbano (Archbishop Rummel) (Dec 5-2)03
145Colby Queyrouze (Jesuit) over Jacob Ramirez (Archbishop Rummel) (Dec 11-7)03
152Charlie Cyrus (Jesuit) over Logan Cafarella (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
160Christopher Ciaccio (Jesuit) over Jack Piwko (Archbishop Rummel) (Fall 0:00)06
Team Score:961
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