What to do when sports stop

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We have been dealing with the unprecedented situation of a global pandemic for a while now, and I hope that everyone is staying safe.

It leaves someone who covers sports, even part time, with one question sticking in his mind.

What to do?

No sports are being played in this country. Reruns of old games are the norm on television. Even radio has been re-broadcasting old games of significance.

On air personalities doing shows and shifts from home and others going into studios alone is the usual now, but the news continues to flow.

What do people who do talk shows online by remote from businesses like restaurants that aren’t open do these days? I did one edition of my show at home during the NFL Draft with two of the three co-hosts on the phone in a three-way call on my iPhone. The fourth member of the show did a Facebook Live segment during the first round.

Okay, so we made it work. The NFL Draft has been an exception to the dearth of live sporting events.

I am also the play-by-play announcer for St. Michael the Archangel High School. Of course, the baseball team was early in their season when the shutdown happened. What to do? I write posts on that team’s social media page to send well wishes to the seniors and feel bad that they did not finish school on campus or their sports season.

But when sports do return, the broadcasters may be their only link to watching and/or listening to games that will be played with possibly no fans in the stands.

At least for a while. The question of ‘what to do’ will be gone but more questions will arise about life and sports. Strange times indeed.

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Johnny Marchese


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