Vast riches from NIL remain to be seen

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Myles Brennan
LSU quarterback Myles Brennan is one of the first college athletes to make money off of his name, immage and likeness (Photo by: Brandon Gallego).

Am I missing something?

When name, image and likeness (NIL) was birthed July 1st, I heard that the floodgates would open and NCAA athletes would be handsomely compensated.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne, a social media star, would makes millions.

Maybe she will. If so, good for her. But have you seen it yet?

Just asking, for a friend.

There have been some deals. LSU’s best football player, cornerback Derek Stingley, has a deal with the restaurant Walk-on’s.

LSU quarterback Myles Brennan landed at least three deals, including one with Raising Canes who also includes Texas A&M running back Isaiah Spiller as a representative.

Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt has a deal with Choice One management.

Green Wave catcher Bennett Lee is a Barstool Sports athlete but so are apparently hundreds of others.Not sure exactly what that means, but good for Lee.

But the first week and a half of NIL freedom hasn’t been an opening of the floodgates, has it?

From all of the stories we’re hearing about NIL, you would think the floodgates would be open like the pictures you see when the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway opens to relieve the pressure on the Mississippi River north of New Orleans.

You know, up comes the gate, out gushes the water.

When NIL happened, I saw a story on the internet that said Arch Manning could make more endorsement cash in college than his famous and wealthy uncles made in their first contracts in pro football.

If I were a sponsor, Manning would certainly be a target.

So maybe it will happen.

When I ask at the office about NIL, I am told by colleagues to just be patient. It will happen big time this fall when the college football season kicks off.

It happened already for Miami Hurricanes football. A booster offered each scholarship player 500 bucks a month to promote his brand on social media.

It has happened already for Auburn quarterback Bo Nix and Alabama defensive Malachi Moore, who both signed deals with Milo’s Sweet Tea and Lemonade.

Moore, in a tweet, said he was going to “keep the main thing, the MAIN thing.”

We can only assume he’s talking about preparing to play the season, which is right around the corner.

By the way, when it happens, the bands will march on the field and play the fight song. The teams will run out of the tunnel and the games will kickoff like usual.

And for most college athletes, not too much will change.

Maybe some of them will cash in. A handful in the hunt for the Heisman Trophy will probably make good money.

If NIL happened last year, Heisman winner DeVonta Smith would be the perfect spokesman. He didn’t bolt to the NFL, came back for his senior season, handled himself with class and played brilliantly for the number one program in college football.

Maybe Smith missed a boatload of cash for being one year too early.

Maybe soon, the spigots will be pulled and the bubblin’ crude will flow just like it did for Jed Clampett in the old TV show, the Beverly Hillbillies.


But right now, this minute, today? When it comes to NIL, I am not feelin’ it.

So, I ask again, am I missing something?

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