Tulane Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sherman Badie Q&A before senior season

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Who: Sherman Badie, Football
What: Working on his game in getting ready for his senior season
When: Summer 2017
Where: Metairie, La.

Q1: How have you enjoyed your summer? What have you done this summer to work on your skills and/or conditioning?
This summer was one of the best summers yet! To work on my game skills as a running back I was able to train in Texas and work with a former teammate Robert Kelly on some drills to help make me a better back. I also spent my summer working out twice a day, once with the team and in the afternoon along with some pool workouts to work on the smaller muscles. Twice a week, I also did 1-on-1 drills and played 7-on-7 with my teammates.

Q2: What is one aspect of your game have you been working on most or you want to improve from last year to this coming season?
One aspect of the game I have worked on this summer to prepare me for this upcoming season is running more physical downhill and strengthening my lower body to break more tackles.

Q3: What is one of the more interesting things you did this summer? Did you go on a fun trip or read a good book?
One of the most interesting things I have done this summer was visiting Austin, Texas and experiencing a different culture. It opened up my mind and motivated me to work harder to accomplish my goal becoming an NFL player.

Q4: How would you describe your time at Tulane so far, in terms of enjoying life on campus and being so close to home for college?
My time at Tulane has been great and I have had many memories from being a football player to making new friends around campus. Being close to home for college allowed me the chance to spend a lot of time with my son and have a lot of my family and friends support me throughout my football career here. Also, a plus was being able to always go home and get some of momma’s home cooking.

Q5: What has you excited about coming back for campus this fall and preparing to compete during the 2017 season?
I am most excited to compete against the good teams we will face and be able to show my talents to the world wearing the Olive and Blue one last time.

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