Weidenbacher looks to build on track legacy at Archbishop Rummel

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For the past nine years, track and field head coach Kyle Weidenbacher has brought back tradition and excellence to the Archbishop Rummel track and field program.

With his return to his alma mater in 2010, Weidenbacher had a desire to be like his mentor, the legendary Rummel track and field coach Ronnie Doyle.

Doyle’s accomplishments include a state championship, two regional championships and multiple district championships. It is a legacy Weidenbacher embraces and hopes to build on.

“That’s where I want the program to be, where his was and the kind of success he had,” Weidenbacher said.

In nine years under Weidenbacher, the program has enjoyed success with 60 state qualifiers, 30 school records, 30 district champions, 28 state medalists, 17 regional champions, 14 All-Academic athletes, 12 nationally ranked performances, and seven state champions. Rummel has also won the Region III-5A championship in 2012, the 2014 district trophy, and placed second in the state in 2016.

The program has shown significant growth with roster numbers increasing every year that Weindenbacher has been the coach.

Rummel track and field alumni have chipped in to help mold the athletes to perform the best to their abilities.

Weidenbacher has made it a priority to hire track and field alums, such as Alex Lorio, Philip Helmstetter, and Bryan Melan to pass on the love of the program and its traditions.

The program is dedicated to its athletes, so much so that Weidenbacher recently earned his USA Track and Field Level 2 certification which specializes in “workout design (and) utilizing the proper energy systems.”

Weidenbacher is striving to improve personally and to improve his program.

“I am always learning,” Weidenbacher said. “I wish to further my development as a coach to provide better strategies for my athletes.”

From his first year to his current one, the excitement and passion for the sport has been the same.

“I’m always excited,” Weidenbacher said. “It’s track season.”

Weidenbacher believes Doyle would be proud of the program today.

“We are back, track is back,” Weidenbacher said.

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