The real ‘miracle drug’ against illness is regular physical activity

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JoggingWe have all experienced the pains associated with illness. Whether it was the flu, allergies or just the common cold, each of us has wished for some sort of magic pill. That wonder drug can come in many different forms.

For example, a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup or simply a modern day antibiotic may make you feel better. But we all want the quick fix.

A Miracle Drug, by definition, is a newly discovered drug that elicits a dramatic response in a patient’s condition. It is the condition, however, that causes the pill to be so effective.

Our work economy has forever been changed by the internet and has created many more desk-oriented jobs as a result, which has many Americans sitting at a desk for many hours of the day. As a country, the United States is showing that 45 percent of its population is not sufficiently active enough to receive health benefits.

On average, inactive adults pay $1,435 more in health care costs than the rest of the active population. Right about now is when you are probably saying to yourself, “Even though I don’t exercise daily, I don’t qualify as inactive!” Well, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines Physical Activity as either two and a half hours of Moderate Physical Activity throughout the week, or seventy-five minutes of vigorous intensity activity, or a combination of the above. Lack of this type of activity on a consistent basis creates some of our worst conditions: increased risk of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity and risk of falls in older adults.

Now, if only there was a magic pill I could take to ward off these risks!

In the face of our nation’s sedentary lifestyle, we face a challenge. We succumb to the threat of a plethora of health problems and increased health care costs, or we make a change. By finding time in your day for a 30-minute brisk walk during the weekdays, you will have found your “wonder drug.”

Starting today, take a (literal) stand against inactivity and start moving today.

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Brandon Hebert

Brandon is the Training Manager of Anytime Fitness Destrehan and has extensive experience working with athletes young and old. After beginning his career at Elmwood Fitness working with individual clients, he started working with high school athletes and running outdoor boot camps. While working with The Fitness Principle at EJGH under Mackie Shilstone, Brandon worked with NFL and MLB athletes…

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