Teurlings Catholic favored in DII wrestling with Shaw, Rummel, North DeSoto to challenge

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Teurlings Catholic has dominated the Division II wrestling scene on a statewide basis for several years now and the Rebels are strong favorites to continue that dominance at the LHSAA state wrestling tournament in Baton Rouge this Friday and Saturday at Raising Cane’s River Center.

The Rebels, who have won the last two Division II state titles and seven of the last eight, have 10 of their 14 wrestlers seeded first or second.

Top seeds this year include Ashton Sonnier (113), Ethan Boudreaux (132) and Eric Levert (195). Brennan Romero (106), Brennan Boyer (120), Brandt Babineaux (138), Hudson Sharon (145), John Paul Travasos (170), Reid Bourgeois (182) and Joel Lanclos (220) are all second seeds.

Archbishop Shaw is the strongest contender to Teurlings Catholic.

The seasoned Eagles squad has top seeds in Glenn Price (120), Todd Ritter (152) and Jude Monaco (182). Hayden Tassin (126) is a second seed for Shaw.

Archbishop Rummel could finish in the top three.

The Raiders have a pair of top seeds in freshman Kaiden Triche (106), along with Carter Burgess (126). Stephen Kimball (113) and Cole Curry (132) are second seeds.

North DeSoto figures to be strongly in the mix with three top seeds in Daniel Olivier (138), Lance Ferguson (145) and Hunter Hanson (160).

Rayne and Haughton are other schools to watch. Tre’Von Williams (285) of Rayne is a top seed while Jason Zahm (170) is also seeded first.

The seedings could be subject to very slight changes prior to Friday.

Division III State Wrestling Seeds

1. Kaiden Triche (Rummel)
2. Brennan Romero (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Blake Andre (Shaw)
4. Ayden Broussard (Rayne)
5. Bryce Latino (Lakeshore)
6. Colin Romero (St. Thomas More)
7. Colton Stratton (Benton)
8. Triston Cantrelle (Riverdale)

1. Ashton Sonnier (Teurlings Catholic)
2. Stephen Kimball (Rummel)
3. Gaven Guidry (Rayne)
4. Lam Jaden (Caddo Magnet)
5. Kobe Nguyen (Shaw)
6. Kolin Giles (Benton)
7. Natalie Davis (Haughton)
8. William Bouillon (North Vermillion)

1. Glenn Price (Shaw)
2. Brennan Boyer (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Collin Bell (North DeSoto)
4. Daylon Dugas (Rayne)
5. Jake Branstetter (Rummel)
6. Austin Veillette (Lakeshore)
7. Isaiah Lam (Caddo Magnet)
8. Jack McGuire (Benton)

1. Carter Burgess (Rummel)
2. Hayden Tassin (Shaw)
3. Coen Begnaud (Teurlings Catholic)
4. Louis Lindsey (Haughton)
5. Jakarion Fontenot (Rayne)
6. Nathan Adams (North De Soto)
7. Hayden Comeaux (Benton)
8. Christopher Milburn (Carencro)

1. Ethan Boudreaux (Teurlings Catholic)
2. Cole Curry (Rummel)
3. Tyler Villareal (Haughton)
4. Kaydon Trahan (Rayne)
5. Cameron Hebert (North Vermillion)
6. Ramon Langston (Pearl River)
7. Logan O’Callaghan (Caddo Magnet)
8. Sawyer Pugh (St. Thomas More)

1. Daniel Olivier (North De Soto)
2. Brandt Babineaux (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Cameron Gandolfi (Rummel)
4. Caleb Andrews (Belle Chasse)
5. Kade Miller (Lakeshore)
6. Lincoln Palmer (North Vermillion
7. Kyren Pierce(McKinley)
8. Jace Honeycutt (Caddo Magnet)

1. Lance Ferguson (North De Soto)
2. Hudson Sharon (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Austen Shook (Rummel)
4. Aiden Carino (Benton)
5. Michael Stephens (Belle Chasse)
6. Kaleb Sanders (Lakeshore)
7. Finley McGill (St. Thomas More)
8. Kennedy Castile (Rayne)

1. Todd Ritter (Shaw)
2. Huntert Addison (North De Soto)
3. Owen de Boisblanc (Teurlings Catholic)
4. Alejandro Canas (Lakeshore)
5. Luke Campbell (Benton)
6. William Fletcher (Caddo Magnet)
7. Gavin Blake (Rayne)
8. ZacharyTruxillo (Rummel)

1. Hunter Hanson (North De Soto)
2. Charlie Yocom (Haughton)
3. Brayden Hebert (Teurlings Catholic)
4. Maximus Bonner (Carencro)
5. ZackNecaise (North Vermillion)
6. Dax Constantin (Rayne)
7. Angel Hernandez (Caddo Magnet)
8. Marcus Vasquez (Rummel)

1. Jason Zahm (Haughton)
2. John Paul Travasos (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Zalen Wilson (Shaw)
4. TyQuan Scott (Rayne)
5. John Gagnon (Belle Chasse)
6. Ledgerrick Collins (Carencro)
7. Darnell Alexander (Rummel)
8. BrockBourgeois (Pearl River)

1. Jude Monaco (Shaw)
2. Reid Bourgeois (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Kayden Carrier (Rayne)
4. Neil Borne (Rummel)
5. Jacob Freeman (North De Soto)
6. Luke Brunson (Caddo Magnet)
7. Trenton Hart (NOMMA)
8. Robert Pressler (St. Thomas More)

1. Eric Levert (Teurlings Catholic)
2. Nigel Whitehead (Shaw)
3. Bennett Whitfield (Pearl River)
4. Sean Dorsett (Rayne)
5. Caden Robison (North De Soto)
6. Cameron Lejeune (North Vermillion)
7. David Ranson (Belle Chasse)
8. Raul Pineda (Riverdale)

1. Quinn Collins (Carencro)
2. Joel Lanclos (Teurlings Catholic)
3. Chad Gooden (Shaw)
4. Garrett Billeaud (North Vermillion)
5. John Simons III (Northside)
6. Robert Breaux (Rayne)
7. Kenneth Flores (Benton)
8. Jack Seither (Rummel)

1. Tre’Von Williams (Rayne)
2. John Simmons Jr. (Northside)
3. Raymond Howard (Shaw)
4. Kole Hayes (Teurlings Catholic)
5. Davell Dixon (Rummel)
6. Carter Davis (Lakeshore)
7. Whitton Van Hoy (Benton)
8. Jeremy Beaner (Caddo Magnet)

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