Sports jokes to lighten the tension

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Okay, so we are all, about right now, a bit on edge.

Trying to find creative means to get through each day is becoming more and more challenging by the hour.

Rather than to become combustible, we should take a deep breath, exhale, think of good times and pleasant thoughts and look forward to the future being substantially than the repetition of the rituals we seem trapped in.

With that, here is little levity to ease the frustration.

Check out these 20 jokes pertaining to five sports.

In truth, a few (4) were pilfered from other websites and one from the great Johnny Carson.

The others are ones I came up with, which illustrates the nature of this current existence. If you like them, great. If you find them corny or ridiculous, blame it on pandemic fatigue.


There are Cardinals under the Pope but why do Catholics avoid St. Louis?
To avoid Cardinal sin

Catch 22
What to the Baltimore Orioles do when you hit them 100 fly balls

Do you understand what a pop fly is?
Of course not. It’s way over your head

Is the thought that most umpires are overweight true?
It must be since they have to clean their plates


What was the favorite food of Pistol Pete & Magic Johnson?
Hot Dogs

What do you call an election debate?
Double dribble

What is the difference between Carmelo Anthony and time?
Time actually passes

Why go to a beauty parlor to watch the game from the doorway?
To see the Clippers through a screen


When making an environmental friendly move to a new home, who do you call?
The Green Bay Packers

What do you call buying a ticket to a Bengals game?
A trap play

What you call the worst, disgruntled fan?
A Falcontent

What was that your kindergarten child brought home from art class?
The new Rams logo


What did the goalie say to the right winger whose shot he stopped at his feet?
Puck-er up

How did the Zamboni machine lie to the ice?
By saying it was a one-timer

What did the American defenseman say to the Australian forward upon nailing him?
Check, mate

What did the Red Wing player ask Santa Claus?
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth


What brand of shoes does Neymar wear?

Which is the favorite Beatles song of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Is it Football or Futbol?
Ask Zach and Julie Ertz

Kicking and screaming movie characters vs. real personalities
Who are Will Farrell, Mike Ditka, Sergio Busquets and Nani

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