Remaining resolute with New Year’s resolutions

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It seems like a long time ago but it was really just a moment ago.

In 2020, we were all of the mindset of hurrying up to see that awful year end as quickly as possible, with the raging pandemic and hurricanes in southwest Louisiana.

Then came 2021.

Then came a February freeze and rolling blackouts, all kinds of rain, Hurricane Ida, the Delta variant and now the Omicron variant.

I don’t know about you but I have had it with variants.

What will 2022 bring?

My existence, since adolescence, is to always set goals, even writing them down and checking them off when achieved.

It serves as a regular reminder of what was accomplished and what I have fallen short of, even failed with.

My late father, Edward Joseph Trahan Jr. taught me about setting goals, forging ahead with massive determination and achieving the most that you can possibly achieve.

The quest daily is to maximize potential.

As a person of faith, I took to heart the scripture of Luke 1:37, which states, “With God, nothing is impossible.”

Of course, we all have limitations but we all have gifts to utilize in being the very best we can be.

Do we work hard to bring out our very best? Can we honestly say this?

I was told at a young age that getting into the broadcasting business was a bad move with little money to be made and with a short shelf-life.

I was told that the idea of an all encompassing sports website would never make it on a long-term basis, with the competition from other traditional media and the advent of social media.

I was told that when ceased to exist through the change in management with our previous employer that we would fold, as we would never be able to finance it moving forward.

Do yourself a favor. As you should not pay much attention to the “experts” reviewing movies, do not listen to the “observers” who would place limitations and dire outcomes on what your dreams are.

With a massive work ethic, believe in yourself and as a dreamer, imagine the possibilities, assemble a plan to achieve those possibilities and pursue making them a reality.

The resolutions are always daring, formidable, but will we remain resolute in maintaining the commitments we make?

For that matter, how many commitments in life do we uphold hourly, daily, annually?

Perhaps it is time to examine our minds, hearts and souls to determine whether we are in that special place of being steadfast in our genuine desire to meet goals and to resolve to do the right things on a regular basis.

Naturally, we will all fall short of those goals on occasion, if not frequently but we must frequently strive to made adjustments and to make ourselves better.

We are compelled to, in the words of Red Redding in “The Shawshank Redemption,” get busy living or get busy dying.

Let us choose the former, rather than the latter.

We are, in the words of one of my primary mentors in faith, pursuing the concept of dying to live, rather than living to die.

In a world of pain, restrictions, bans, regulations and uncertainty, let us embrace the former and be in the business of embracing life and all it has for us, rather than putting ourselves in a position of doing little or nothing, literally or figuratively and living a meaningless life.

One out of one of us will depart this world. Those of us of faith believe in a life that is to come but on this earth, let us make this a life worth living.

While we have life, let us live it in earnest, to the fullest, enjoying every possible moment we can in intelligent, responsible fashion while we work diligently to observe law and to be considerate of others in the process.

I will enjoy doing my job in calling games and covering games.

I will enjoy concerts and my love of music.

I will enjoy ministry, conducting weekly events, annual events and being ministered to in church.

I will enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I will enjoy trying to help others, as is the case with a pair of proteges presently in trying to advance their careers.

I will strive not to judge others inappropriately but to have an open mind, remaining respectful and working hard to understand our differences while remaining kind to each other.

I will continue to work hard to provide the best information possible through and through NASH ICON 106.1 FM.

I will forge ahead with trying to overcome the pandemic, Hurricane Ida and other obstacles to restore and revitalize the Saints Hall of Fame Museum.

I will pray for peace in our country and in the world on a daily basis.

I will work to get myself in better shape, better equipped to handle the physical challenges of life daily.

I will work hard to maintain consistency, avoiding variance while trying to avoid the virus variants in approaching work and in how I deal with all problems and how I treat others.

There you have it.

Those are my New Year’s resolutions.

How about yours?

Happy New Year to you from Crescent City Sports!

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Ken Trahan


Born and raised in the New Orleans area, CCSE CEO Ken Trahan has been a sports media fixture in the community for nearly four decades. Ken started with Bill Hammack and Don Jones in 2008. In 2011, the site became On August 1, 2017, Ken helped launch Having accumulated national awards/recognition (National Sports Media Association, National Football…

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