Potential Mike VII tiger mascot identified by LSU

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LSU's Mike VI
LSU’s Mike VI passed away last year.

The LSU mascot enclosure on campus has been empty since Mike VI left us last October. Since then, the Tiger Oasis has been under construction to make room for a potential new tiger to take over.

The search may be over as a nine-month old tiger has been identified as a potential replacement in Okeechobee, Florida.

Animal Adventures in Florida has been undergoing changes in ownership and now the facility named “Wild at Heart Wildlife Center” has to comply with state and federal regulations. This young tiger in need of a good home has been donated to LSU. The school has yet to confirm when or if his arrival will occur. Mike’s IV, V & VI were all donated from rescue facilities.

Since last April, the habitat has been undergoing renovations to expand and improve it. This work should be complete by mid August.

The 160 pound tiger cannot make the move to Baton Rouge until the renovations are completed. Then the process starts to acclimate him to his new home. Once the tiger arrives, he will be kept in the night house for about one week while quarantine protocols are established. If all goes well, the potential new LSU mascot will be released into his new yard toward the end of August at which time he will be given his new name of Mike VII.

LSU will announce in advance the day and time which the young tiger will be out in his yard for the first time. The tiger habitat and LSU’s animal care program are licensed by the USDA.

The young tiger with both Bengal and Siberian characteristics should be a welcomed addition to the LSU family.

If everything works out just right, the new Mike VII could see his first crowd for the September 9 home football game when LSU hosts Chattanooga. It should be a great time for the home crowd as it is as the first game of the season on campus, but a new Mike could make it even better.

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