NFL plan to have the draft is the right move

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Days before President Trump announced that social distancing guidelines would continue through April 30, the NFL announced that its draft would go as planned in late April.

It still should.

Virtually. Do it throwback style.

Remember the days when ESPN first began to televise the NFL Draft? Commissioner Alvin “Pete” Rozelle would step up to the podium and make the announcement.

Representatives from all NFL teams were there, and they still can be. Six feet apart.

Broadcasting the NFL draft would be great for America. We all need a slice of normal.

The NFL Draft is a mega event in our country. From a business standpoint, it will result mega ratings.

Television ratings for local television and for national networks reporting the Coronavirus pandemic are way up.

Bringing relief in a sense from our current daily news, the draft would do gigantic ratings. It would be a very bad business decision by the NFL to postpone.

Very bad.

Many NFL teams, including the Saints, would prefer to see the draft postponed. New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis told the Peter King Podcast he would prefer the draft be delayed.

Part of the reason, said Loomis, “would be to get some of the work done that our scouts and personnel people ordinarily do.”

Loomis also said having a draft where teams didn’t have access to their draft rooms would create “logistical problems.”

Those comments came before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell threatened disciplinary action for any public discussion about the draft.

Remote cameras have been a part of the draft for years.

A team makes a selection and soon after that team’s head coach or general manager talks to a TV network.

The same can be done with many forms of current video communication technology.

Over the past few weeks at WGNO TV, my colleagues and I have done several Skype interviews.

And you know what? They are not ideal. However, they get the job done.

This is the current world we live in. Get over it.

For those in the NFL concerned that moving ahead the draft was a “bad look,” I say the exact opposite. Conduct the draft. As part of the process, encourage charitable giving. The NFL, and its business partners, could pledge millions for aid for our nation’s bounce-back from the shutdown.

Please have the draft.

For sports fans, there’s only so many flashback games to watch on TV and the internet. There are only so many great games and moments to relive.

America desperately needs sports. We may not have games to watch but the NFL, a league that touts ‘back to football’ as a motto, can lead the comeback by holding its annual draft.

It is a no brainer.

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Ed Daniels

Ed Daniels

WGNO Sports Director/106.1 FM

Ed is a New Orleans native, born at Baptist Hospital. He graduated Rummel High School, class of 1975, and subsequently graduated from Loyola University. Ed started in TV in 1977 as first sports intern at WVUE Channel 8. He became Sports Director at KPLC TV Channel 7 in Lake Charles in 1980. In 1982 he was hired as sports reporter…

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