Make your Master Plan for fitness first

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WeddingDo you remember your wedding day? It is a day that lives in your memory for a lifetime.

The planning and preparation for such a momentous occasion sometimes takes years. Finding your soulmate can be a spontaneous event, even though you may have been dating them for months or years. One day it hits you, and it is time. This is the one.

Making a lifestyle change happens in a similar fashion. You might be working in the yard, playing with your children or moving furniture when you realize that you are out of shape. This realization is often sharp, sudden and sometimes fleeting. It is a call to action from within. These urges only become reality when we plan accordingly.

A wedding is a substantial event. The venue, wedding party, travel arrangements, honeymoon and guest list are only a fraction of the tasks associated with making it all happen. Each of those tasks require hours upon hours of attention. Wellness is no different, and it offers just as much joy and satisfaction as a perfect wedding day.

Living a healthier lifestyle also requires proper planning. Quoting the leader of the “A-Team” Hannibal Smith, “Give me a minute, I’m good. Give me an hour, I’m great. Give me six months, I’m unbeatable.” The better we prepare, the higher our chances of being successful. Make your health a priority and create a plan.

Ask yourself these questions when beginning a new wellness routine:

When will I make time to go to the gym?
What are some healthy meals that I can include in my diet?
When will I be able to prepare my meals for the week?
Who can I turn to for help in living a healthier lifestyle?

Creating a solid strategy for living health consciously will remove any roadblocks and instantly make you more successful. Break out those planners and plan your next momentous occasion to get to a healthier place!

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Brandon Hebert

Brandon is the Training Manager of Anytime Fitness Destrehan and has extensive experience working with athletes young and old. After beginning his career at Elmwood Fitness working with individual clients, he started working with high school athletes and running outdoor boot camps. While working with The Fitness Principle at EJGH under Mackie Shilstone, Brandon worked with NFL and MLB athletes…

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