Louisiana High School Wrestling: Ranking the top 5 overall in each weight class (updated)

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Below is a ranking of the top wrestlers at each weight in the state regardless of division. It is a composite ranking set based on a variety of factors and overall performance (Updated Feb. 3).

1. Ernie Perry 27-1 (AIR) D1
2. Mason Elsensohn 28-6 (BM)D1
3. Ethan Boudreaux 42-4 (TC) D2
4. Jacob Houser 33-4 (StP) D1
5. Isaac Dees 22-10 (ND) D2

The freshman phenom ran through the LA Classic by pinning everyone except Elsensohn in the finals. Elsensohn was defeated 7-2 by Perry. Elsensohn defeated Houser at the LA Classic but the series between the two is 2-1 with Houser leading.

1. Evan Frost 37-1 (HC) AA D1
2. Glenn Price 44-1 (SHW) AA D1
3. Kent Burandt 17-6 (BM) D1
4. Ethan Ourso 21-8 (CAT) D1
5. Vincent Bruno 26-5 (MAND) D1

Frost has one out of state loss and has no sign of slowing down. Price who is also sophomore as well wrestled Frost twice and loss both times. Burandt has come onto the scene with little experience as a freshman placing 3rd at the LA Classic. Burandt and Frost in the division I finals.

1. Jacob Frost 37-2 (HC) D1
2. Alex Yokubaitis 50-1 (StL) AA D3
3. Joshua Sarpy 36-6 (ND) D2
4. Josh Keeler 36-5 (PKY) D1
5. Carter Duet 31-7 (StP) D1

Déjà Vu. The other Frost brother has been phenomenal this season and should run through the state tournament. Frost also has only two losses from out of state. Yokubaitis wrestled at the LA Classic and captured 3rd place. Yokubaitis should be able to win the division II state title once again.

1. Ethan Castex 26-9 (BM) D1
2. Clayton Hill 49-3 (LO) D1
3. Raheem Bonnet (SHAW) 40-3
4. Matthew Carrier 35-1 (TC) D2
5. Lance Ferguson 28-10 (ND)D2

Castex a two-time state placer has been phenomenal this year. Castex took over the weight class at the LA Classic by defeating the #1 seed (Carrier) in the semis and defeating the #2 seed (Hill) in the finals. Castex had Bonnet in a cradle and almost pinned him but eventually got caught by an extremely athletic Bonnet at the catholic league championship. Hill also pinned Bonnet at the classic.

1. Peter Kelly 29-4 (CAT) D1
2. Connor Hoffman 19-5 (BM) D1
3. Ashton Surrency 28-3 (SHW) D2
4. Charles Sauerwin 29-10 (HC) D1
5. Franciso Castro 31-5(Belle C) D2

Kelly won the LA Classic as the #2 seed. Kelly defeated Surrency 6-2 at the LA Classic. Hoffman pinned Surrency at the catholic league championship. Hoffman wrestled 138 all year and bumped down for the catholic league championship and won the tournament. I strongly believe Hoffman and Kelly will be a great finals match at the state championship.

1. Jacob Ramirez 48-6 (RUM) AA D2
2. Corey Brownell 57-4 (StA) AA D1
3. Caruso Singnorelli 18-9 (HC) D1
4. Quinn Williams 32-14 (BM) D1
5. Calep Balcuns 21-7 (Brusly)D3

Ramirez has dominated everyone in Louisiana. I strongly believe he will win the division II state title with ease. Brownell made the finals at the LA Classic and just lost to Ramirez 6-4. Brownell should make the finals. Singnorelli deafeated Williams at the catholic league championship 4-0. The next time they face it should be a semi-finals or finals match at state.

1. Alex Duncan 37-4 (BM) AA D1
2. Luke Battaglia 25-8 (JES) D1
3. Cameron Doyle 24-11 (HC) D1
4. Rayden Ingram 28-6 (LO) D1
5. Josiah Wakefield 30-7 (EA) D1

Duncan is undefeated in LA and has been a freight train this season. Battaglia kept it close in the finals of the LA Classic but eventually lost 5-1. Duncan also defeated Battaglia in the catholic league championship by pin.

1. Richard Mack 44-2 (ND) AA D2
2. Peyton Ward 38-2 (StP) AA D1
3. Brad Mahoney 63-6 (EA) AA D1
4. Riley Horvath 35-9 (BM) D1
5. Charles Travasos 20-4 (TC) D2

Battle of the All-Americans. Mack won the LA Classic when all three AA were present. Mahoney lost to Ward at the LA Classic 3-2. Ward and Horvath are 1-1 in their series. Richard Mack was a D2 state champion in 2018 and beat Horvath in the semis of the LA Classic. Division I will be interesting as all matches between the top 4 have all been within a point. Mack should win the division II state title.

1. Mason Massicot 23-5 (BM) D1
2. Ben Davidson 32-7 (StP) D1
3. Ian Wyble 27-5 (CAT) D1
4. Charles Cyrus 26-11 (JES) D1
5. Jacob Chittom 37-11(PKWAY) D1
Massicot has beaten Davidson twice this year. Ian Wyble’s only LA losses were to Massicot and Davidson. Cyrus lost to Massicot 4-3 at the catholic league championship.

1. Trent Mahoney 74-0 (EA) AA D1
2. Vaugn Romero 35-3 (TC) D2
3. Canon Hunt 31-6 (CAT) D1
4. Shad Sheffie 39-12 (StM) D3
5. Eli Hope 29-13 (BM) D1

Mahoney had 72 matches this season and has not lost all year. I would be shocked if he does not capture the division I state title. Hope lost 5-3 to Romero at the LA Classic. Hunt and Hope can battle for the finals match spot against Mahoney in division I. Romero should win the division II state title.

1. Jarin Meyer 29-1 (BR) D1 AA
2. Macullen Mire 30-6 (CAT) D1
3. Kaleb Garcia 49-8 (PKWAY) D1
4. Hayden Brodanax 16-12 (HC) D1
5. Austin Reason 31-12 (Central BR) D1

Meyer should be able to win the division I state title as he pinned Mire at the LA Classic. Mire also defeated Brodanax by pin at the LA Classic.

1. Chase Spooner 28-1 (SB) D3
2. Christopher Allen 42-1 (COV) AA D1
3. Tanner Melendrez 44-8 (FTNBLEA) D1
4. Cameron Frederick 30-8 (BM) D1
5. Evan Ulfers 24-7 (StP) D1

Allen looked unstoppable until the LA Classic came around. Spooner pinned Allen in the finals and Lucky for Allen, Spooner will be wrestling in a different division at state. Frederick is 0-2 against Allen this season. The semi-finals at state for this weight should be interesting with Melendrez, Frederick and Ulfers.

1. Cole Ulfers 34-3 (StP) D1
2. Ashton Freeman 15-4 (ZAC) D1
3. Logan Brimmer 30-1 (HNV)D1
4. Axel Encalada-Arce 30-2 (BR) D1
5. Brian Amis 21-4 (BRSLY) D3

Ulfers has only lost to out of state competition. Freeman has been great this year and is only a sophomore. Freeman lost to Ulfers at the LA Classic by pin.

1. Donald Paul 37-1 (COM) D1
2. Gavin Soniat 30-4 (EA) D1
3. Jaden Ben 32-5 (CHAL) D1
4. Zachary Bernard 24-3 (Lakeshore) D2
5. Denzrel Eloph 31-9 (PKWAY) D1

Paul took over at the LA Classic by pinning all of his opponents. Paul has only one loss this year from Caleb Harris. Paul simply got caught in his only match he gave up. Paul pinned Soniat in the finals of the LA Classic. I believe the next time they wrestle it will be in the finals at state.

** AA indicates All-American status achieved this season

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