Giving thanks in the midst of a rough year

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As we reach the holiday which bears the enjoining of two very prudent, promising, popular themes, we need to pause and reflect on who we are and where we are late in 2020.

Giving is the most natural, the most intuitive act, the clearest evidence of possessing a warm heart, one bred for helping provide bread in life to others.

Thanking the Lord and thanking others for what they have done for us is appropriate, astute and accountable.

Sooner or later, we will emerge from the abyss of COVID-19. Hopefully, it will be sooner.

In the midst of the “woe is me” mentality of how much we all have endured and lost in the midst of this abysmal year in which we find ourselves mired, this is a day to awaken with a positive mindset.

Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, let us have compassion for others and try to reach out and touch someone.

I am thankful for Crescent City Sports and being able to share stories and facts on a daily basis.

I am thankful for Jude Young and Lenny Vangilder and their devotion to making this venture as good as it can be and striving to get better daily.

I am thankful to all of our excellent contributors, including Caleb Byrd, Richard Cuicchi, Ed Daniels, Al Dupuy, Les East, Channing Ewing, Cody Futrell, David Grubb, Mario Jerez, Rene Nadeau, Randy Pistorius, Josh Tapia and several others for their excellence.

I am thankful to Pat Galloway and Cumulus Radio New Orleans for giving Jude, Ed, Les and others a platform daily on 106.1 FM.

I am thankful to our Saints Hall of Fame board of directors, those who have served loyally and faithfully to help sustain a dream, breathing life into it for over 32 years.

I am thankful for a home to live in, for a vehicle to drive, for daily bread.

I am thankful for the bread of life, provided from the Lord I attempt to serve daily.

I am thankful for the one who puts up with me daily and provides nurturing, love and caring beyond any norm.

I am thankful for two wonderful grown children, now adults, finding their place in this world, working hard and serving the Lord.

I am thankful for a grandson, a true blessing, who smiles incessantly through the eyes of a child, embracing everything around him.

I am thankful for forgiveness, the ultimate reflection of the goodness of God and the goodness of mankind. We are all in need, sometimes dire need, of that quality.

I am thankful for the physicians who have put up with, healed and taken care of me through multiple surgeries and other malaises in Dr. Stephen Choate, Dr. Sean Collins and Dr. Jim Tebbe.

I am thankful for high school coaches, whom we deal with daily, who serve as coaches, administrators, teachers, counselors and even parents as they shape the lives of our future.

I am thankful for being preserved safely from the storms of life, with so many tropical systems from which we were spared serious damage.

I am thankful that God gave me two great parents, whom I will always love and miss to this day, who shaped my life and gave me all they had to offer.

I am thankful for two brothers and two sisters who are wonderful people and have enriched my life significantly.

I am thankful for a super sister-in-law, several excellent brother-in-laws, a terrific son-in law and an outstanding mother-in-law.

While we continue to mask up most frequently for protection and to respect others, a mask cannot hide the smile, the pure joy, the emotion and genuine appreciation we have for who we are and what we have.

Let us focus on the blessings that Thanksgiving represents, rather than dropping into the doldrums of divisiveness and depression which can and have done damage.

While 2020 may be a turkey, let us enjoy eating today and devouring what has been this year, in the process.

Let us give thanks. Let us start or continue giving.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all, from

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Ken Trahan


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