Giving thanks from Crescent City Sports

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While the New Orleans Saints are poised to host an important home game against the Buffalo Bills tonight, we have a reminder that the sports world we are ensconced in daily never stops. Today is a national holiday for us all in the greatest country in the world.

From the origins in Plymouth in 1621 to Abraham Lincoln proclaiming a national holiday known as Thanksgiving Day in 1863, today is a day to enjoy valued, treasured time with family and to celebrate all that we are thankful for in our respective lives.

As we are led to the kitchen or dining room table, break bread and reach epic proportions of being fed, let us take time to reflect on the good things in our lives, to inject gratefulness into the day, to respect those who have been beyond gracious in our lives.

Let me attempt to pour out love, to those who have been so good to me and to, starting with those from above, my parents who helped start me on this journey.

Thanks to Bill Hammack and Don Jones and Olin Kropog, who had the vision of a sports website in an era of television, radio and the printed word with the predictable decline of home delivered printed word media starting its descent. Their vision proved to be quite visionary, in retrospect, over 13 years down the road.

Thanks to Dean Powery for helping us take the next step of marrying the written word, audio and video comfortably woven into one dynamic entity which would grow its audience and influence.

Thanks to Pete Sumrall for allowing us the opportunity and providing the tools necessary to make it happen.

Thanks to all of our sponsors who have believe in and supported the effort to help it remain relevant and important to those who love area sports.

Thanks to Jude Young and Lenny Vangilder for helping bring the dream into reality and who remain a driving force behind what you see, hear and listen to daily.

Thanks to Chris Beary and now to Pat Galloway at Cumulus Radio New Orleans and NASH ICON 106.1 FM for understanding the value of marrying media entities to produce a formidable force through their radio entities and to Ed Daniels of WGNO/WNOL and to Cox Communications for recognizing and executing the same game plan through their television entities.

Thanks to Daniels, Les East and Rene Nadeau, who have been with us from day one, contributing substantive, valuable content.

Thanks to Ken Berthelot, Eric Brown, Ro Brown, Kirk Bullinger, Richard Cuicchi, Al DeRitter, Al Dupuy, Channing Ewing, Kenny Francingues, Jermal Greenberry, Evan Hale, V.K. Jones, Wayde Keiser, Chris Kinkaid, Johnny Marchese, Emmanuel Pepis, Randy Pistorius, Danny Riehm, Matt Sims and Josh Tapia for being a part of our written and broadcast word. is a labor of love, a daily devotional from us to you.

We will continue to strive for the pursuit of excellence, never wavering in trying to improve at all times, in all capacities and phases.

Thanks to the Lord for giving me good health, a great family and a wonderful opportunity to forge a professional career in my hometown.

Thanks to the Lord for having our son home for Thanksgiving from his world travels and for our daughter’s continued health through the process of bringing another life into the world.

From CrescentCitySports to all of our valued followers and sponsors, thank you for your daily support.

Have a blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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Ken Trahan


Born and raised in the New Orleans area, CCSE CEO Ken Trahan has been a sports media fixture in the community for nearly four decades. Ken started with Bill Hammack and Don Jones in 2008. In 2011, the site became On August 1, 2017, Ken helped launch Having accumulated national awards/recognition (National Sports Media Association, National Football…

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