Forging forward in faith to 2021

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New Orleans

It is a new chapter, a new verse.

Time to flip the script, turn the page and move on.

Where this dreadful, dismal, depressing, dire, damned, dampened, deceptive, daunting, damaged, darkest, dastardly, deadly year is concerned, we could all write books about the experiences we have endured. Pictures would not be required to illustrate the depths of despair.

Lives were lost, jobs were lost as so many seemed lost to figure out what to do about the pandemic and how do to it.

Does anyone have the proper words to describe what we have all experienced in 2020?

Desolation, degradation, isolation, confusion, disillusion, seclusion, persecution, prosecution are a few terms that come to mind.

The hope that it was all just a dream, an illusion, did not materialize. It was real and so many did feel the deal of a year we all simply want to repeal.

Certainly, celebration does not fit at all, except to celebrate the fact that this largely miserable year is over.

Now, we all seek restitution in removing the protrusion that has blocked our path to freedom, accomplishment and success.

There was still a blessing in this forgettable year.

Becoming a grandparent in 2020 was an awesome occurrence and experience.

In the final analysis, it is a true blessing that 2020 has reached a conclusion. It is over. A new day dawns. Let us not be pawns in the trap of COVID-19. After 19 comes 20. After 20 comes 21.

In gambling parlance, 21 is a lucky number.

Of course, 20 was anything but lucky.

May we all be lucky, fortunate this year.

May we rebound, be restored, responsible, rejuvenated, reinvigorated, renewed, resourceful, resurgent as we recover, reconstruct and recreate our lives in 2021.

The Revelation of Chapter 21:5 says, “Behold, I am making all things new.”

May we claim and accept that blessing in 2021 as we ring in the New Year.

Let us all forge ahead, forward to a fine, festive, fruitful year.

From all of us at, Happy New Year to you and yours and may this be your best year yet, one we will not choose to forget or regret!

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Ken Trahan


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