Easter 2023 message from CCS

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As a child, it was an exciting day, starting with being in church, whether we wanted to be or not, then being at home with family for great food and cracking open the colored eggs and following with Easter Egg hunts.

As a parent, it was a wonderful day of celebration, in church, at home with family for a wonderful lunch and laying the eggs in the pocket park or in the back yard for the children to locate.

As a grandparent, the cycle of life continues today in church, at our daughter’s home with a wonderful lunch and laying eggs in the back yard for grandchildren to locate.

Worship is special on this day and it is always interesting and encouraging to see more people in the sanctuary on this day than any other in the calendar year.

The meal will always taste great, even on a stringent diet, while the company will be a blessing.

It is great to have our blessed son in town to spend time with, at least for today.

The Easter Egg hunt is a fun event and spectacle.

Yes, I can assure you that I will enthusiastically assist the children in locating a few eggs.

This day, more than anything else, represents the very basic concept of giving, of overcoming, of emerging victorious, triumphant.

Today represents victory to many.

Who in the world does not desire winning in any capacity?

“He makes all things new.”

That is the Word from Revelation 21:5.

Romans 6:4 gives us the promise of the resurrection providing a path for us to walk in the newness of life eternal, a wonderful promise and premise to dwell on and have faith in, given the prospect of life beyond our earthly existence, which will end for all of us at some point.

As the greatest selling book of all-time and the guidepost for many suggests, as He whom so many celebrate on this day makes all things new by providing a path to forgiveness and cleansing, let us set a course to make all things new by forgiving others and cleansing ourselves of negative thoughts and words and disavowing the improper behavior and actions in our lives.

We will all fail, falling down in our lives.

The key is to be determined, to be resilient and to be smart enough to learn from mistakes and tough enough to admit those mistakes and to rise again.

We fall down, we get up. The saints are just the sinners, which we all are, who fall down and get up, rising again, as Proverbs 24:16 suggests and Donnie McClurkin sang.

On this day we celebrate, the ultimate Saint, who gave unconditionally, served others unequivocally, fell down, suffered immensely, but got up, rising again over 2000 years ago, undeniably to believers worldwide.

It was unusual, of course. It was unreal and uncomfortable for His followers. It was unnecessary but now, we all understand as those of His day did not. It was necessary for our salvation.

As the day suggests to those of faith, let us all rise to meet the challenge of living better, more authentic, meaningful lives.

Enjoy your day and thank you for enjoying our site for the past 15 years.

Happy Easter, one and all, from Crescent City Sports.

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Ken Trahan


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Born and raised in the New Orleans area, CCSE CEO Ken Trahan has been a sports media fixture in the community for nearly four decades. Ken started NewOrleans.com/Sports with Bill Hammack and Don Jones in 2008. In 2011, the site became SportsNOLA.com. On August 1, 2017, Ken helped launch CrescentCitySports.com. Having accumulated national awards/recognition (National Sports Media Association, National Football…

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