Drew Brees deserves to be recognized as NFL’s best before he’s done

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Drew Brees
(Photo: Parker Waters)

What do New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and one of the most iconic actors of all time have in common? The answer might surprise you.

Warren Beatty is, like the former Super Bowl MVP Brees, the ultimate professional. So much so, in fact, that his BFF Jack Nicholson calls him “The Pro.” He’s known for the extra effort and input he puts into the films he makes. To an extent, his 14 Academy Award nominations attest to the respect he commands from his peers. Additionally, he has enough Golden Globes and other glittering award bling that Clyde Barrow, who Beatty played in the 1967 cinema classic, might have been tempted to steal them.

Drew Brees’ trophy room, no doubt, glitters as well. But it’s not the awards they’ve won that they have in common. It’s actually the one they’ve never won, each in his own field, that stands out as wickedly hard to fathom.

Warren has been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar four times. He has never won. Yes, Warren Beatty has won for his screenwriting and as a director, but despite his mind blowing legacy, He was nominated but did not take home the Oscar for the aforementioned Clyde Barrow in BONNIE AND CLYDE, nor for, ironically, a quarterback in HEAVEN CAN WAIT, as American journalist John Reed, who became instrumental to the Russian Revolution nor for his brilliant portrayal of “The Father of Las Vegas,” Bugsy Siegel in Bugsy.

He did take home Oscars highest salute, The Irving Thalberg Award for his body of outstanding work. In the movies, The Thalberg is the equivalent of The Hall of Fame.

Brees, without a doubt, will be enshrined in Canton. That is, if he ever ages and retires. It’s a rule! But like that elusive Best Actor Oscar, which is given for a singular performance in that one year, NFL League MVP honors aren’t cumulative. You get it for one season and that one season alone.

Yep, it’s hard to believe that the guy who owns almost every NFL QB record has never been named league MVP.

Missing five games this season with the thumb injury and his protege Teddy Bridgewater leading the Saints to a 5-0 record under center doesn’t help. That doesn’t seem right.

Not only did Drew recover in record time, but he was a very involved force on the sidelines. Let me say that again. He was VERY involved. Perhaps that should be factored in. The extra, selfless effort when he couldn’t play, no doubt, influenced that win streak.

As Drew Brees moves into his 40’s(!), his window of opportunity to be named league MVP narrows. This should be his year.

Shout it from the mountaintops, Drew Brees should be the league MVP this year, though he will not win the award. And why is that? His play is outstanding, as usual. But he was there when the team and Teddy Bridgewater needed him.

If that doesn’t earn him the Most Valuable Player Award, I don’t know what should.

And what of Warren Beatty? As he glides into his 80’s(!), he is still vibrant and always inspiring people like a sports writer turned movie producer. I don’t know if Bugsy’s Las Vegas has a line on it, but put money on Beatty taking home that Best Actor Oscar, even if it doesn’t happen till Brees is in his 80’s.

It’s just possible that Number 9 will still be playing!

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