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“At this moment, the present is past, each one’s life specially cast, as we travel through the travels of our time. Endless repetition makes us think, that we’re standing on the brink, as we grudgingly pass our prime.”

Reflecting on events of the past, I wrote those words at the age of 15, embracing my time as an adolescent while picturing my life as an aging adult.

In the present, the words are still relevant. It is always imperative to focus on the current time and place, striving to make the future better than any previous occurrence.

It is with that perspective and outlook that we embark on continuing a legacy which started in 2008, thanks to Bill Hammack and Don Jones.

With a vision of presenting local sports, state sports and providing a microscopic lens on prep sports, championing the cause, was born.

When pitched on the vision, it was a blessing to embark on the journey of building something substantive, journalistic, honest and responsible with a bevy of excellent contributors who care deeply about New Orleans and Louisiana.

That continued under the banner of and the late Pete Sumrall and Dean Powery, who provided a larger platform to operate from, expanding the brand in significant fashion.

Thanks to the support of folks like Ashton Ryan, among many others, the vision grew to over 2.5 million views annually and the blessing of being able to bring webcasts of 10 different sports to the masses this past school year.

Now, we embrace the challenge of the new horizons of The name, itself, reveals much about us.

New Orleans is the Crescent City but all of the surrounding parishes comprise the Greater New Orleans area. While our focus on the New Orleans area will be paramount to our content and effort, our attention to Louisiana will not waver.

Thanks to Jude Young and Lenny Vangilder, the vision continues with a clearer focus. Thanks to our outstanding team of contributors, we will continue to strive to bring you the very best in coverage that you have come to expect, thriving on integrity and sincerity, driving ourselves to be even better.

“Give me the comfort of knowing, give me the power to see. Help my faith to start growing, help me find my destiny.”

I penned those words when I was 16. It became evident then that my future would be in sports broadcasting and journalism.

The vision was clear. I had faith, through prayer and wonderful parents, to pursue the vision. The destiny was realized. Thankfully, it continues into a fourth decade in this industry. has arrived. Thank you for following us for over nine years. Thank you to all who were with us and were concerned when we went on a brief hiatus. Thank you for your continuing support. Tell your friends and join us in this heartfelt endeavor.

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Ken Trahan

Ken Trahan

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in the New Orleans area, CCSE CEO Ken Trahan has been a sports media fixture in the community for nearly four decades. Ken started with Bill Hammack and Don Jones in 2008. In 2011, the site became On August 1, 2017, Ken helped launch Having accumulated national awards/recognition (National Sports Media Association, National Football…

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