Celebrating Mother’s Day without having to call a game

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This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it, Psalm 118:24.

It is easy to say you have faith.

In the reality of every day life, it is not as easy to maintain it with the challenges we are presented with, the responsibilities that must be fulfilled.

Mother’s Day is particularly special to me, as it is to so many of you.

I was blessed with the best mother anyone could every conceive of. I lost my mom, Julie Trahan, back in 2002. It seems so long ago and yet it seems like yesterday.

I challenge myself daily to intentionally conjure up memories of specific moments with my mother so I do not forget as age erases a few of those acute moments of joy and clarity in our lives.

My wife is a wonderful mother who has been a blessing beyond belief. I am so fortunate. I am not worthy!

Our daughter is now a mother and she is a wonderful mother, which is no surprise.

She has the most positive persona of anyone I have known.

My wife still has her mother and she is a terrific mother and person. We are so thankful that she is still in our lives.

Mother’s Day, at a young age, means little to us.

As adolescents, we simply to not have the understanding and appreciation for what we have, as life imitates the art of the song “Don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.”

The glass slipper fit for Cinderella.

The title of the song is most certainly pertinent and it is true.

I loved my mother but did not fully appreciate her until she was gone.

Can we all just admit that this premise is accurate about many people and experiences in our lives?

I love my wife and family now and, unfortunately, I have been gone too many times to remember on holidays and special days, including Mother’s Day.

For years, I was out doing University of New Orleans baseball games on Mother’s Day.

Then, it was New Orleans Zephyrs games that had me on the road.

Sometimes, I was traveling back from New Orleans VooDoo road games on Mother’s Day.

While I was consumed on Mother’s Day for these events, there were others, including Easter, Independence Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve which had me working, sometimes out of town with the New Orleans Saints as well.

While my mom was being honored and celebrated by her other children and family, I was missing in action as duty called.

What a profession!

Actually, I love doing what I do for a living, despite its many pitfalls and shortcomings.

Actually, I love my family deeply and loathe being away on those special days.

Mother’s Day, 2021 is today.

I am now blessed, among my many professional duties, with doing play-by-play for Delgado, an outstanding, consistent baseball program with a deep history of success.

The Dolphins hosted the Division I, Region 23 tournament this past weekend.

Once again, Delgado won the championship.

The format called for three games on Friday and one on Saturday.

The catch, pardoning the baseball terminology, was that a deciding game would be played today, if necessary.

If that were to be the case, it would have been necessary for me to be there for a 2 p.m. game to call the game for the Dolphins.

That would have meant missing another Mother’s Day celebration with family.

As the clock ticks and the dates and years go by, the aging process dictates that our time on earth is reduced, with no promise of another Mother’s Day on the horizon.

As a man of my word who values honoring commitments, I most certainly would have been at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium today.

As a man who values family, I would have done so with a heavy heart, doing my duty which I value greatly while missing my family whom I value in even greater fashion.

Choosing a career in sports and being granted many opportunities to do so has been the fulfillment of a dream of my youth.

Calling championship games, particularly in winning fashion, has been a fabulous experience.

Missing many important moments in the lives of our children, parents and other family members has been a definitive drawback.

As a man of faith, I trust in the Lord’s providence. Many coaches would say trusting in the process.

As the saying goes, “trust is a must or you will go bust.”

For those who trust, there is a just reward awaiting them, more often than not.

I trusted the process, I left it up to the Lord and to the outstanding pitching, timely hitting and fine defense of the Dolphins.

The process paid off.

Delgado took care of business Saturday. There would be no Mother’s Day game.

Today, I have already been at church, giving thanks through prayer.

Now, it is off to celebrate with moms in my wife, daughter, mother-in-law, the mother of our son-in-law and her mother.

Gifts are being doled out and the flowers have bloomed.

Mother’s Day is here and I will be part of it, thanks to Delgado.

As I watch my son-in-law do the cooking, I will relax with family.

Of course, the true confession of a sports-infused life compels me to admit that while the food is on the grill, I will likely chill while watching a baseball game of PGA golf on television while monitoring and working on CrescentCitySports.com, a daily and nightly devotion.

My mom would not mind at all, providing I was on hand to share in the celebration.

My wife and daughter will not mind at all, since I will be there for the celebration.

I will watch while not doing play-by-play, which I did for three games on Friday and for another Saturday after talking on a two-hour radio show. The voice gets a rest and that is for the best. For once, I will pass the test.

Fins up!

Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful moms from Crescent City Sports!

FYI–I did watch my beloved St. Louis Cardinals blank the Colorado Rockies 2-0. No one complained. I even had my grandson on my lap watching with me for a full inning!

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